Fashion & Lifestyle: Merry Christmas!!


Merry Christmas!!

I am sitting at work looking at this...

Seriously the snowflakes are HUGE!! I can't wait to get off work (really I can leave whenever I want) and go spend time with family and friends! Drive careful everyone that lives in states with lots of snow. I am so excited to start making traditions with my husband. When I get off work we are going to lunch with my dads side of the family, then we are going to Rob's parents to spend tonight and Christmas morning! Then we will head to Logan tomorrow afternoon until the evening of the 27th. :) I will still be working (yes.. I have my laptop in my purse for the whole trip so I can work anytime or anywhere) while we are in Logan for this short break but at least I will still be around family as I work right? :) 
Have an amazing holiday.. :)

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