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Picture Overload!! :)

I'm back!! :) I hope you all had a great Christmas. I was sure spoiled this year. I must have been really good that's all I know. Anyway, here is a picture dump from the holiday! :)
We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning at Rob's parents. They have the tradition of eating TONS of shrimp and Clam Chowder on Christmas Eve, as you can see above. It was so good :)

After we stuffed ourselves we opened our Christmas Jammies, they boys got Jordan shorts and I got Victorias Secret yoga sweats. :)

After we opened gifts the next morning we headed up to Logan and go there around 1:30pm. My family was so sweet and waited for us to open gifts. I will post pictures of some of the things I got for Christmas tomorrow or Monday. :) Also look at how BEAUTIFUL Cache Valley is. It snowed the whole time we were there. It was so pretty, I was loving it. 

My sister just married a guy with a little boy.. Meet my nephew Jaxon. :) It is so fun to have Christmas with little kids. They just light up when they see all the presents! It melts my heart!! :) Also did I mention my sister is having a baby? YAY!!!!!!!! I am so excited to be an aunt..
My sister is almost 16 weeks.. and she is TINY still! I can't wait to meet baby Iverson in June!

Rob's highlight of the trip to Logan was he got to go snowboarding! He went with my cousins husband, they had a blast but realized quick that marriage made them out of shape or something! :) Doesn't he look cute?

Last night my parents took us and my brother to Texas Roadhouse before we had to take off. Can you believe all that snow behind us? And even more is falling. :) We were sad to go, I wish we lived closer to my family I sure miss them and had a blast hanging out with them. Can't wait to see them again in less than a month for my 21st birthday! :)

Thanks for following! I appreciate all of you. :)

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  1. Fun holiday photos! Looks like you are definitely having a white Christmas :) We're just starting to get a ton of snow :D Happy Holidays!



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