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T-Strap Clogs

This morning my 6:30am (baby wanting to nurse) wake up call went off. I fed Henley and right when I was done Krew woke up. So since my to do list was a mile long we got ready and headed out the door while the baby and Rob were sleeping. I got nearly everything done by 9am. I love days like that! Even when I end the day tired there is nothing like crossing things off your mile long to do list. Now lets talk about this outfit, but mainly these shoes! THEY ARE TO DIE FOR! I wasn't quite sure about them at first but I am now in love and they are the perfect shoe to pair with jeans, dresses, skirts.. you name it! I am slowing adding more and more Fall items to my wardrobe to get me excited about Fall. 


My little boyfriend

Top (similar) - Jeans - Shoes (similar)

Please excuse the overload but I could not narrow it down. Krew loves picking flowers and bringing them to me. Although he shouldn't be picking some of the flowers he brings me it still melts my heart! Terrible twos (and he isn't even two yet) are no joke but then there are moments like this that you can't get back and oh how I love these sweet little moments. 


Kate Spade Sale


I just had to let everyone in on a little secret that doesn't know! Kate Spade is having an amazing sale and you don't want to miss it. I am all about buying high end products when they are highly discounted. Here are some items that are on my list. The prices are great!!