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The Ollie World Swaddle

Swaddle: c/o The Ollie World

There are things you learn after having your 3rd kid that save your sanity! As much as I thought my first hated to be swaddled my babysitter showed me that, that was not the case. I mean he might have hated it at first but after a few seconds he was relaxed and knew it was time to sleep. That has been the case with all my kids. Babies have such awkward arms and end up waking themselves up. That is the bottom line. So swaddles save my life, and my sleep! I have tried a lot of swaddles just like the one from The Ollie World but this one is THE BEST!!! His arms don't slip out and it is so soft! I am all for baby products that actually work and this one is amazing. 


Lorena Canals

Blanket: c/o Lorena Canals - Kids Outfits: Cara Loren

Since having 3 kids I love having days at home with the kids relaxing. Outings with all 3 is exhausting and usually ends in 2 or 3 melt downs so I appreciate relaxing days! This blanket from Lorena Canals is beyond amazing. Did I mention it is so cute and machine washable? Can't beat that! I love to snuggle up with baby boy in this blanket. 


Products I wish I had baby 1 and 2

I have to talk about two of the items in these pictures. Two items I didn't have with the other 2 kids and I wish I would have! It is always interesting prepping for your 3rd child. In fact not a lot of prep goes into it because usually you have everything you need. This time around I knew I wanted a Dock A Tot and an Ollie swaddle from The Ollie World. After reading many reviews on both items both companies were nice enough to send me a swaddle and a Dock A Tot. Let me tell you that neither one disappoint. I love that Rome has a place of his own to snuggle up and nap. I wish so bad I would have had a Dock A Tot for my other kids. It is easy to bring a long creating a familiar resting place for my baby. I am also huge on swaddling. I always hesitate at first and think the babies don't like it but my kids have all slept better when they are swaddled. I love that he can't break out of the Ollie swaddle. The material is both soft and cute! I mean look at the color of it. I would highly recommend both these items! Coming from a mama of 3 babies in 3 years I feel like I have tried all the baby products and these are good! Stay tuned for a post about how I survive grocery shopping with 3 kids by myself.