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Swimsuit: c/o Beach House Swim

While we build our house we are living in an apartment. Let me just tell you, we LIVE at the pool. We go twice a day a lot of the time and the kids love it. Having 3 pregnancies back to back my body isn't how it used to be! Also, being so incredibly sick when I am pregnant makes it so motion makes me sick. This means I can't really work out. However, I refuse to be the mom that won't put a swim suit on and enjoy my time at the pool with my babies! I am just so grateful for my body and the ability to carry babies and be a mom. I think as women it can be so easy to compare but we can't do that! It isn't fair to do that! So mamas put that swimsuit on and rock your mommy body. Then enjoy your time and think about your babies! They don't care what you look like. I got this swimsuit from Beach House Swim and I am in love with how comfortable and flattering it is. Not to mention the color! This suit makes me feel good and confident.  


Baby BOY #3

The reason I have been so MIA is because I am PREGNANT!!!! We are expecting baby boy #3 to join our family the end of December (actual due date is January 7th). He is a little surprise baby and we are so excited about it! Henley is 20 months younger than Krew and this baby and Henley will only be just over a year and a half apart! Life will be busy (it already is) but so fun and rewarding. 
I am just about 15 weeks and I get extreme morning sickness when I'm pregnant. I get dehydrated and take Zofran to stay alive! Haha I hate saying anything negative because I KNOW there are so many out there who would give anything to be as sick as me to have a little baby of their own on the way. We are blessed and very excited! 

Henley's First Birthday Pictures

We had all these formal pictures planned and cute outfits for her one year pictures but they turned out more like Henley and I love them! They ended with her playing in the sand and having a blast. She is such a fun and happy little girl. She is so easy going and has the funniest little personality! I sure love her and don't know what we did without her.