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Mommy & Me - Christmas Jammies

Christmas jammies has to be one of my all time favorite memories when it comes to Christmas. I always looked forward to opening them on Christmas Eve and then taking a picture with my siblings. This is a tradition that has been carried on into my marriage and now that we have had kids. What are some traditions that your family does? I love traditions. They are what make holiday memories so fun, especially because you get to repeat those memories every year. I hope you all have fun plans for Thanksgiving. Stay tuned, I will be posting all my favorite Black Friday deals. 



(blurry I know but I love this picture)

Overalls: Roolee - Tank: Target - Cardigan: Old Navy - Headbands: EbelRose

This week has been a week full of relaxing in the house after a couple of busy weeks! We are just prepping for this Winter weather. Do any of you have some fun things to do inside the house with a toddler? A busy toddler! 
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Our little family is usually always on the go, but the last two days we have spent time lounging around and being lazy. I love these days so much and little moments like these.