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Happy Friday!! :) I hope everyone is having a good morning. So today I wanted to talk about this quote that I saw.. 

This is seriously so true. I LOVE positive people, don't you? Nothing is worse than someone who is always negative. I would hate to live a negative life! I know I am far from perfect and I have days when I feel like crap and just want to cry but over all I try really hard to be positive! I want to live my life knowing that I made people feel good and uplifted. There are some people in my life that I look at and I think to myself, how would it be to seriously be so positive and rarely gets upset? I mean if you know someone that is like this you also know that they are usually smiling and go out of their way to be friendly and serve someone else. I love it, that kind of a person in contagious and I want to be like that! I want everyone to try this, try to be as happy as you can be and look at the positive side of things. Really think about other people whether it is your husband, wife, family, friend, a stranger, or a homeless person and uplift them, serve them! Smile at someone or simply compliment them. I promise you will help someones day and you will be a happier person! :) 

Today's outfit is pretty simple but nice for a fall day! You will learn something about me in a lot of my posts this fall and winter, I LOVE SCARVES! They are my favorite accessory for fall. I have so many scarves but I don't hesitate to add more. When I worked at Buckle we had to watch this video that they made and put on Youtube called 12 ways to tie a scarf :) go here to watch it. The video is kind of fast but if you pause it you can practice. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions! I appologize that I don't have more pictures for this outfit but I am sure you will get the idea! Here is my outfit :)

Cardagain: A Boutique in Texas
Scarf: Target
Belt: Buckle Similar 
Maxi Dress: Macey's Similar
Bracelet: Cotton On Similar
Earrings: Buckle

Have a good day! Thank you so much for reading, I would love to hear from you on topics you want me to blog about or any questions you have! 


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