Fashion & Lifestyle: Brighton Purse & T.B.T :)


Brighton Purse & T.B.T :)

As most of you know I love leather. I also love black! My husband told me the other day when we were shopping that I need to get more colors that pop. If you saw my closet you would die, I stick to black, grey and anything that is darker colored 95% of the time! My goal is to get more colorful clothes or at least some fun bright shoes or more bright jewelry! This bag that I am showing off in this outfit post is super special to me, so i decided to highlight it. This is the bag my ring was in when my husband purposed to me! Here is the story behind it.. My husband went out to do summer sales in Virginia Beach when we were just dating and I obviously stayed here (I lived in Salt Lake at the time) and worked my butt off because lets be real, I was a loser while he was gone! I was a Team Leader at Fashion Place Buckle so I spent my time working for plane flights and outfits for when I was in Virginia. Pathetic I know.. Well we had been ring shopping and new we were going to get engaged but I went out in May for Rob's birthday, and when I was there we made a bet that if I didn't buy anything for myself from the time I left Virginia until the time I went back out again he would get me a surprise. So of course on the way home my purse broke.. REALLY!! Ha that would happen to me. I used another one that I had but I wanted to buy a new one. I didn't of course. I made it almost a month without buying anything. Well I went back out there June 28, and on June 29th Rob purposed (the story is longer than that but this is the shortened version) on Virginia Beach. It was perfect! He had my purse all wrapped up and I opened it on the beach and he got in front of my and was showing me stuff about the purse, he then pulled out a ring box and popped the question! I WAS SO SHOCKED!! I said "what are you doing?" I know I am so romantic I freaked out and hugged him, he asked me "so does that mean yes?" Ha ha what a great day that was, I get tears in my eyes when I tell the story and all the emotions come back! I love my husband! Anyway, how was that Throw Back Thursday?

 Here is my outfit and gorgeous Brighton purse :)

Liquid Leggings: JC Penny Similar
Flannel Shirt: A Gift
Boots: Buckle (Naughty Monkey) Similar
Purse: Brighton (Here is the Brighton Store)

Here are some pictures for Throw Back Thursday for while I was in Virginia :)

When and where I got engaged :) I looked like a weirdo..I could barely 
smile because I was so excited!!


And each other! 

Have an amazing day! Remember tomorrow is Friday!! :) 

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