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G-Star Loving! :)

Happy Hump Day everyone! :) I hope everyone has had a good morning. Lets talk..Has anyone heard of the brand G-Star? I am sure everyone has but if you haven't you must know about them. I am not going to give you a history lesson on where they came from and all of that but all you need to know is they are the most amazing pants around! They might seem a little expensive but I don't mind spending money on pants because everyone should know my motto now.."you get what you pay for" I mean really that is usually always the truth! Just give them a chance save your pennies and at least try G-Stars! These are some of the G-Stars I am eyeing :) Modernist Radar Skinny, Lynn Skinny, 3301 Straight, Midge Skinny,Stage 3 T-Shirt,and Modernist Radar Woven. These jeans are perfect for those of you who like more of a simple jean but want a really good quality in style look. Also it is fun to make them more of a rocker look. :) Here are my all time FAVORITE G-Stars that I have. This outfit is a pretty simple outfit, I was wanting an outfit that was dressy enough for work but still comfy. You guys will notice that I have almost every color is the Victorias Secret V necks! They are the BEST and everyone should own some!

Jeans: G-Star
Shirt: Victorias Secret 
Shoes: Buckle
Watch: Michael Kors (Goldsmith Co. Jewelers, Provo Utah)
Scarf: Steve Madden
Earring: Buckle
Bracelets: A Gift 

You can find G-Stars at: Buckle, Nordstrom, G-Star (stores, or online), and Bastille (Gateway or Fashion Place If you live in Utah). If you know of anywhere else please comment below!

Thanks for reading :) 

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