Fashion & Lifestyle: Bubble Necklace and Fedoras :)


Bubble Necklace and Fedoras :)

Can I just tell you that I love the bubble necklaces? They are so fun and add so much to such a simple outfit. I have a lot of people ask me about this necklace. It is adorable and who doesn't love turquoise to add a pop color. I sure do! It matches a lot more than you think. I have worn this necklace with multiple different things but I am really liking it with these new tan/olive colored skinny jeans and a black basic V neck. Check it out. :)


Pants: F21
Shoes: A Gift
Fedora: Nordstom (BP)
Necklace: Etsy

I am utilizing my time with all my short sleeve basics, Fall is here but it is hard wearing sweaters already when it is 75 outside. I LOVE SUMMER. That is my biggest problem but I promise I will be adding a lot of fall stuff. :)  Thank goodness I love Fall clothes! Feel free to email me with any questions or tips that you would want me to blog about. I love hearing from you! :) keep smiling and remember this..

Thanks for reading. :) 


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