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Favorite Pants!! :)

Sorry I left you hanging with no outfit posts for the weekend! I honestly have no excuse other than I spent the day in SLC with my mom and sister on Saturday but... today I have a great post! Are you ready for my favorite pants of all time? :) Raise your hand if you love leather pants!! ME ME ME! I am obsessed I guess you could say and if you have been reading my blog for a little bit you will know that I am obsessed. Also I think it is funny to see peoples faces when they see me in them. I get the weirdest look from some people. But they are in style right? Ha ha

These are the most comfortable boots of all time. You will see them quite a bit.
Shirt: Cotton On (In store only)
Necklace: Buckle (told you it would be on here a lot) Similar
Pants: Target
Boots:Cathy Jean

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  1. I've been looking for pants like that for awhile now... Whenever I find them, I can never find my size. Love them! Kim

    1. I was looking for them FOREVER! I have leather leggings but I wanted actual pants, sure enough Target has them! You could order them online. there is a link above. They stretch out so keep that in mind! :)


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