Fashion & Lifestyle: Little bit of animal print never hurt me! :)


Little bit of animal print never hurt me! :)

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. I sure did :) Friday I left work early and headed up to Logan with my grandparents to watch my dad's football team play. If you don't know my dad is a head football coach for high school and has been my whole life. Anyway, what a good game! Wow :) I was so happy they beat Logan you have no idea! Then my mom, dad, and sister drove me back down to Provo on Saturday and my husband, dad and all my dad's brothers went to priesthood session for my church. So the girls went to dinner while we waited for the guys! It was a good time. Today however I am worn out from all my travels and late nights this weekend but it was well worth it! Now on to the outfit post, I am not a huge animal print fan.. at all. I think it is cute on other people but I have never really worn it. This outfit is the only animal print that I own and will probably own, so you will see that it isn't a lot but I love this outfit I think it is so cute for the transition into fall. 

Shoes: Ross 
Pants: F21
Shirt: Cotton On
Clutch: Ross
Scarf: A Gift :)
Necklace: I made it
Bracelet: A Gift :)

And here is my cute photographer/husband/best friend :) I also LOVE his outfit. He has never been one to wear skinny jeans and all the "trendy" looks but I look he looks handsome!This is the closest I will get to a skinny jean for him! 

Jeans: Rock Revival (Buckle)
Sweater: Volcom (Buckle)
Shoes: Steve Madden (Buckle)
Watch: Nixon

Can you tell where we get his clothes? :) I love him he is so handsome!!

Have an amazing day everyone! Thank you so much for reading!Make sure you click to follow my blog, I will be doing some giveaways soon :) YAY!!
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