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Today is going to be a little bit different! I have had a lot of people ask me what hair product I use, what make up, what I do to stay healthy, etc. So I decided I would do a list of the top 10 thing that I think are must haves for everyday and hopefully I will answer some of your questions! 

You know it is kind of funny I used to be a night owl, I would stay up late and do who knows what! Seriously the way to cure this is to get married. We aren't boring, and we do have nights where we stay up late but for the most part we try to go to bed by 11:30 every night. Usually by the time we fall asleep it is midnight but still I usually try and get at least 7-8 hours of sleep. YOU CAN DO IT! You just have to train your body and if you are busy in college make it a priority to go to bed at a decent time or try and get more sleep. You will function better, especially in class. It helps you stay awake and alert! :)

I know you may get sick of hearing, drink water but really you will feel so much better. I drink 64oz of water a day. I have a water bottle from Victorias Secret that is 32oz and I fill it up and drink it all twice a day at work! Good thing there is a bathroom close ha ha ;) 
This is the water bottles, they have all kinds of colors and designs. If it helps to carry around this water bottle so you know how much water you are drinking DO IT. I used to hate water, I seriously hated the taste. Who hates water? I know right, but last January I stopped drinking soda and became addicted to water. If you can break the soda habits do it. I know it is easier said than done. Just give it a try. I would rather eat my calories than drink them wouldn't you?

I feel like a hypocrite saying anything about having less sweets. I LOVE CANDY. But I really try not to eat it. I am Lactose Intolerant, so I can't have much baked goods or ice cream. Honestly I kind of think it is a good thing. I am able to cut out ice cream, now all I need to do is completely cut out candy! It is really one of my goals.I keep telling myself, if I can stop drinking soda I can stop eating candy. So that is one thing that helps me stay fit is not eating junk food and when I do it isn't very much. Something I do if I am really wanting candy is I will chew on a piece of fruity gum or suck on a Nips Caramel. It really helps with that craving!

This is probably the best invention ever. NO I don't rat my hair in the back and with it and make it a square because that is just, well, it is kinda out. But there is a few hair styles that I do where i have to tease my hair a little. Like on the G-Star Loving post. This comb does wonders and it is super inexpensive. You can find them at Sally's or Taylor Maid. This is the best picture of one that I could find..

I don't know about anyone else but I get really bad dark circles, like I look like I got punched in the face! Or I look like I am sick. So I am always looking for stuff to help. This is what I use and I feel like it really does make a difference. It is $26 at Sephora and I love it. I bought it a year and a half ago and I still have a little less than half left. So it is well worth the money and a little bit goes a long way!

DAY 3 - 4 HAIR
This is what I get the most questions on! How do I go so long without washing my hair. Well first off I used to wash my hair everyday. So by the end of the day I thought my hair looked greasy, it has taken me a little bit to convince myself it isn't good for your hair to wash it everyday, blow dry it, straighten it, etc. I know a lot of people have there different ways of doing things but this is what I do. Day 1 and 2 my hair looks fine I don't feel like it gets to greasy. The night of day 2 I will massage a little bit of baby powder into my roots and again the morning of day 3. On Day 4 I will usually wear my hair up in a top not, or a bit bun. If it is a Saturday I will wear hat or something. It is possible. I promise :) If you have dark hair I would try the dry shampoo because the baby powder might make your hair look gray. 

On day 4 before I wash my hair I will usually do an oil treatment. I am lucky with the hair I have because I don't blow dry my hair and if I curl my hair on day 1 it will last until day 4. I love it! My hair has a natural curl so a lot of the time I will just go with my natural curl. What I am trying to say is I don't use a lot of heat of my hair. I do bleach it though and that KILLS your hair. I don't have extensions or anything so I do whatever I can to keep my hair healthy and long! This is what I use and I love it. You can get it at Sally's, Amazon, or Taylor Maid. That is where I usually get mine. 

I love fruits and veggies. However I know some people seriously cannot stand to eat them. One thing that my husband and I absolutely love is a cut up tomato with a cut up cucumber with salt and pepper. We get so excited for this snack and often eat it while we watch a movie or simply just want a snack. I also eat a lot of asparagus. I could eat it for every meal. It is so good with pepper and garlic powder. Mmm :) sounds so good right now. Carrots and a little bit of Light Ranch is another one of my favorite snacks! If you are that person that physically and mentally can't even think about eating veggies or fruit, have you tried V8 Splash? It is so good, and good for you! It doesn't taste anything like veggies but it will help give you some veggies in your diet! 

I try and not eat as much. Trust me at times I can eat like a total guy but I really try not to. I will only get one serving and I will make things that if I did eat extra it would be OK  By this I mean veggies, salads, and fruit. Things that are good for you. I wouldn't want to load up on a bunch of meat! You can do it. Watch much you eat. You won't starve to death I promise. Also don't over eat. When you are full, stop eating. 

This is the common answer. I don't work out everyday, but I really try to! I need to have more disciplined. If you don't have time to work out at least try to make a schedule like: Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Go to classes. This is where I get the best work out. It is usually an hour of intense cardio, and lifting. One of these days I will do a tutorial on a quick work out that you can do at home, especially if you have little kids or you just can't make it to the gym that day. My dad is a head football coach and has taught me some of his work outs, and ohh my gosh are they good! A lot of them are something you can do from home. So I will work on getting a tutorial done for you so you can have a work out that you can do everyday but only take a 20 minutes max. Everyone should have time for at least 20 minutes, you just have to make time. :)

I hope this has helped. If you have any questions PLEASE don't hesitate to ask! :) Thanks for following!


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