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Last night my husband and I had tickets (thanks to his boss, Will) to a piano concert with this guy named Lang Lang and Utah Symphony and he was SO good! It amazed me how fast his fingers were moving. The concert reminded me of when I had to go to those concerts in high school for Music 1010, I hated them and I never would have imagined myself going to another one! Well.. I did and it was actually really good! We only stayed for the first hour though because I will admit, I can only take an hour of listening to the piano (the songs all sounded the same) but the guy really was good! It was fun to get dressed up nice for something that wasn't work with my husband! :) We were even able to get a few pictures of my outfit! 

Skirt: A Gift :) Similar
Shoes: A Gift :) Similar
Blazer: TJ Maxx Similar
Silk Tank: Pac Sun Similar
Necklace: Niania Collections THANK YOU!!
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