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Sparkle & Steve Madden :)

You know it amazes me at how rude some people can be to 
people like me that enjoy blogging. Especially fashion bloggers. The 
reason post pictures of my outfits and styles is
because I ALWAYS have people asking me to help them with 
fashion and how to put things together for not as expensive.. I have a lot of 
people who don't feel like they are pretty or skinny enough to wear things and I 
love making people feel good about them selves and feel like they are beautiful no 
matter what people say or how they feel. It is stressful for me because I know 
people think it is stupid or whatever but maybe if they understood or read
some of the emails people send me they would understand why I do what I do. 
I am not doing it for the attention or free stuff because 
honestly that is not why I started this. I WANT people, girls especially to be 
confident and feel like they can try new things. Is that wrong? I know that people
are going to say what they are going to say and everyone can have their own opinions, I 
will just remain positive and continue to try and make a difference by helping other girls 
who ask me to help them.
If someone doesn't like my blog or what I do they don't read it. It
is as simple as that.
Thanks to everyone else that supports me and follows me and sends
me emails! You guys always so sweet
and give me inspiration to continue blogging.

Sorry for that vent session! Today I want to talk about Steve Madden for a second and how he never ceases to amaze me. I am sure all of you have seen all the new line for this fall/winter and if you haven't you must see it! Here are some of the items that I have on my wish list. :) Here, Here, Here, Here and Here.
What are some of your favorite Steve Madden items? I have a scarf that I love. It is my grey infinity scarf I wore it in my G-Star Loving post! I recently just saw some scarves by Steve Madden at TJ Maxx! Now would be a perfect time to stock up! It is going to be a cold winter here in Utah! 

Thank you again for following me! 

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