Fashion & Lifestyle: I love my job even if it is stressful.


I love my job even if it is stressful.

What a day it has been! I don't think i have ever been so busy with work in my life! However, i love it. I just became an official junior processor for my job 2 weeks ago, i was doing it a little before but they are just having me process now. I won't explain what i do because unless you have bought a house you probably will have no idea what i am talking about. Ha ha I got 10 new loans in 2 days along with the 10 other new loans i got earlier this week and the end of last week.So I am sorry I havent done an outfit post i promise i have one coming tomorrow. Until then... check out my new office :)

I will be adding some decorations because it is boring right now :) 

This is where i work. Kinda late notice since i have been there for almost 6 months! 

Have a good Friday!! 

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