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Thursday Thoughts. :)

I can't believe it is seriously Thursday! Where did the week go?! I'm not complaining about it either :) I love it when the work week flies by. Tomorrow when Rob and I get off work we are heading up to watch my dad's team in Weber then off to Logan with my family for the weekend! This is the first time we have been able to spend more than just a Saturday night and Sunday with my family in a long time, I am excited! Saturday morning we are going to Bear Lake for the day and staying the night in a Townhouse/Cabin. Rob has never been to Bear Lake so it will be fun to go up there with him. :) We have been so busy lately. But I can't complain, first it was Lake Powell for a week, then  we went to a cabin in Park City for Labor Day and now Logan/Bear Lake this weekend! We are for sure lucky to be able to do all this stuff because I think we would go crazy if we were stuck in Provo every weekend! 
I also can't believe it is September. This month I will have been married for 5 months! Crazy how time flies, I mean really, it doesn't feel like it has almost been half a year! I love being married :) there is nothing like being sealed to your best friend for eternity! He continues to make me laugh and feel loved. I tell him all the time that I have a crush on him, that may seem weird because we are married but I love it! I still get butterflies and he always makes me blush. :) I love my life, that is what I am trying to say! Ha ha not to mention he is SEXY! 
This past week I have really been motivated to workout. Remind you, I used to work out everyday I am getting back into that routine!! I have just been feeling so crappy and lazy (even though I work full time) so I decided I have to start working out again! Since I got married I have been a slacker and I have felt like crap. So Tuesday I went to a class called All Abs and it is a 30 minute class that almost killed me! I am so sore but I love being sore, it means I have worked hard! Yesterday I went to R.I.P.P.E.D, and WOW!!! I am about to die, but I have so much more energy. Just these past 2 days I have felt better and I love it. Today I am going to go to Power Pump, or maybe just run! My mom goes to 2 classes a day, how, I have NO clue!! By the end of 1 class I am sweating to death! I want to get to that point though. I want to get in really good shape, super toned and keep the good eating habits. 
Anyway, I hope everyone has had a good week so far! :) Tomorrow is Friday!
I will leave you with some thoughts on this lovely Thursday:

Thanks for reading :)

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