Fashion & Lifestyle: It's hump day!! :)


It's hump day!! :)

I HAVE BEEN SO BUSY!!!! Work is so crazy right now. I can't wait until I get all caught up and learn a system with Processing and everything I was doing before. I like being busy but I am just overwhelmed right now! Things will get better though! :) As of now.. my life consists of Nakeds, Smartwater, soup, and 3 pages of to do lists...

Anyway, this week marked history for me.. I got my first smartphone! :) And I LOVE IT! After months of debating between an Iphone or Droid I decided to go with a Droid. I am in love with it. Rob and I both got the Galaxy S3, so you guys will be seeing more pictures because I finally have a camera! :) Yayyy!!

Today it hit me as I was driving to work that fall really is here, and I wanted to cry! Yes, I love fall clothes more than any time of year but I love the summer. I love being tan, swimming, bleach blonde hair, no shoes, and laying out! And my husband and I were talking yesterday and we think it will be a bad winter. It is already starting to get cold and it is the beginning of September :( ohhh well I will embrace the fact that I live in Utah and have my whole life and suffer through another long winter! 
This past weekend Rob and I had a blast in Logan and Bear Lake. I was so nice to relax with the family and go boating. We stayed until late Sunday, then headed south to our home! I miss my family being so close but I guess that is part of growing up right? :) 
I hope everyone is having an amazing hump day! 

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