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My life. :)

 I have been terrible at blogging! I have finally caught almost all the way up and work. BEST FEELING EVER. I am trying to soak in this moment for as long as possible..Which means it will probably be like a day! This is what I have been up to:
One night I made Homemade Oreo Cookies and we watched Titanic. :) My sweet husband was so thoughtful and picked a chick flick movie he knew I would love! 

We finally saw Batman! I will admit I had a little anxiety I kept thinking if someone comes through the emergency exit I am screwed. Anyway.. The movie was AMAZING! We seriously loved it! Everyone talked about how long it was but I really didn't even realize how long it was, I thought it was great! 

Friday night we went on a date with my good friend Alora and her husband Josh. We went to the movie Possession.. It is a scary movie! I don't know why that movie scared me so bad but I could barely watch the previews. My husband thought it was funny.. I was scared! Ha ha

This is me as of late, I love this shirt I am wearing! You can't really tell in the picture but it is a sky blue color. I got it at TJ Max! I have switched up my hair a little lately, I have just kind of got bored with my hair always done the same old. I will switch back and forth but I kind of like it in the middle. :) 

Ohhh have I ever told you how much I love my wedding ring? I sparkles so much! My husband did such a good job :)

I hope everyone has an amazing day! 

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