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Back to school, back to school...

For the past little while I have really been missing school (i know who misses school?) so I decided I would go back to school in January. This week I found out I qualified for a grant which is such a blessing. I will still be working full time which won't be bad, I work from 8 or 9 to 5 and will be able to do classes in the morning (its ok I am a morning person) and in the evening! The next question is what will I be studying? Well all my life I have wanted to be a nurse.. until I worked as a CNA and I know everyone says it is way different and I believe them but I really have no desire at all to be a nurse anymore and who wants to go into something they don't want to do? Not me! Especially something as intense as nursing. So I decided I am going to study Business, I am debating between Finance or Communications. WEIRD!! Math? I am completely terrible at math. Seriously though, so why would I be doing Finance? The answer is because I want to be a Loan Officer or work in the mortgage industry. I feel really good about it though, I know if I set my mind to it and I am really dedicated and disciplined I can accomplish anything. Really you don't have to go to school to be a Loan Officer or to even work in the mortgage industry but this is simply by choice. When I was talking to my boss about what would be the best for me to go into for this job he said, don't waste your time with school! Ha ha but in the end said to study something with computers, finance, or communications. I love computers, I don't care if I am a nerd but they fascinate me! Anyway, so that is the next adventure for me! Rob will also be starting school with me so we will be busy but we need to get school done ASAP. :) I will only get my associates degree for right now especially if I am going to be a Loan Officer. So for the next little while I will continue to do what I do and this month I will start Processing Loans more, which will be good. I already just process for my bosses (that is where my role as an executive assistant comes in, I am the assistant on their loans) but who knows what they have planned for this upcoming month and after! All I know is I am going to get more training and learning more about loans! :) I will for sure keep you updated on how things go! I have never felt this good about my job and school I am super excited about it to! :) 
Anyway, I am so happy that it is Friday and a long weekend! For some reason I have felt super stressed this week. It is probably because I am catching up on work from missing a week, plus I have to get my car registered and pay my doctors bill.. BOOOOO! Tonight we are hurrying as soon as Rob gets off work to Woods Cross to support my dads football team! :) I am excited to see family and cheer on the Mustangs! Also, my cousin is the Quarter Back! :)For Labor Day Rob and I will be going up to Park City with some of his best friends since college to a beautiful cabin and just relaxing, hot tubing, and maybe riding some four wheelers. So that will be a nice break (again) plus I get paid for it! I love paid holiday! :) I hope everyone has a good Labors Day! Be safe in all your travels and have a nice break! 

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