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I love OUR life! :)

I have always been the type of person that can watch movies, eat and do things over and over and don't get sick of them. Which is probably why I like my job, even though each loan is very different it is for sure the same routine most days. And since I found out I am allergic to milk and most things I eat make me sick I have become even worse with this, I just know these things won't make me sick! I could have a Naked or a Jamba Juice every morning for breakfast with some fruit and Oat Revolution or Better Oats (this is oatmeal by the way) everyday for lunch!! The only reason I eat normal meals for dinner is because I am cooking for my sweet husband! :) Which I am so glad because this makes me try new things! Even though trying new things usually consists of different ways to cook chicken! Ha ha 

Anyway, sorry that is enough about the foods I eat over and over! Ha who else is excited for college football to be starting? I look on Pinterest and see the cutest ideas for football parties and it just makes me even more excited! Not many girls get as excited as I do over watching football, but I could watch football everyday! And I mean really watch it and know what is going on! I think some girls no offense to ANYONE I promise, just go to the football games to be social when I go or watch even if it is just on TV! I love it, and if I say so myself my husband is lucky to be married to a girl that loves football and really most other sports too! My husband and his family are huge basketball fans which they should be they are all so dang tall!! So it is fun to have sports to cheer for most of the year, I get football with my family and basketball with his family! 
That brings me to tonight! My hubby and I are going to cuddle on our mattress in the middle of our living room and watch college football and yes of course some episodes of Dexter! I love OUR life! :)

Hope everyone is having an amazing day! Stay positive peeps tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!! Have a good evening!

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