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I am spoiled.

What a good week it has been so far. As you may know my husband works at a jewelry store in Provo called Goldsmith Co. Jewelers and let me tell you it is an amazing store! Well yesterday I had the opportunity to want the goldsmith take out my 7 diamonds in the center and add a center stone. It was so cool to watch and the guy that did it has been doing it for years and explained to me how to make a custom ring while he was working on my ring! Lets just say my ring looks amazing, it was amazing before this! I have some pictures but they just don't show how nice it really is, here you go :)

Isn't it pretty? :) Now boys if you can't see that I am married  you are completely BLIND. Ha anyway last  night I made my husband the yummiest Reeses Cookies :) He loves cookies, and peanut butter! If you want the recipe let me know! They were so easy but so yummy!

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