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Camo Done Right.

You know I have alway really liked camo but felt a little weird about it because it is considered "hunting gear" most of the time. Well I love it! And so does my husband :) so that is a plus! I have been seeing camo a lot lately and it makes me so happy. If you notice in a lot of my pictures I wear dresses or skirts, well it is because that is what I have to wear and since work takes up most of my life that is what you will be seeing a lot of. I mean yes I do wear casual stuff too so keep your eye out for that too! I only have a couple pictures today but here are some of me and then some camo combos that I am eyeing right now. 

Shirt: Buckle (Brand: Miss Me)
Skirt: Boutique in Laguna Beach
Shoes: Buckle
Necklace: Buckle
*Also you will see a lot of stuff from Buckle. I worked there for a year and a half

Below are some fun Camo Combo's :)

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