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New New New! :)

First: Ever since I was 16ish I was obsessed with wearing flowers in my hair, probably because I am SUPER girly! I would make them, for myself and others. I loved it because it was perfect for cheer, it is also perfect for little girls and babies! Well I decided I would start making them again. It has always been a hobby of mine, I think I get it from my mom because she is super creative. I am also making other things too like Wreaths, home decor and wedding items. I am really excited about this, and would love if you guys checked it out and gave me feedback or ideas. I feel like most of the stuff I am making is perfect for gifts and for yourself too. My etsy shop is small right now but It will continue to grow! Here is the link to my Etsy shop :)

Second: I am going to be adding outfit posts to my blog! I will probably do at least 2 a week, I want to make this blog a personal/fashion blog! I love fashion, I really have such an interest in all the different looks and fashions, plus I love clothes! So here you are peeps, my first outfit post!

I didn't realize Fall was here until I looked at these pictures, it looks like it is already November. I decided I just need to accept it, Fall is my favorite time of year when it comes to fashion. It might be the color of my skirt and my necklace but still it is crazy! This skirt in this picture is seriously amazing. I love the color and you would be surprised about all the different things you can put with it. Also my necklace matches so much! Everyone has to have a necklace that matches a lot. This one is especially perfect for fall.

Shirt: Forever21 (in texas) similar 
Skirt: JC Penny (can you believe it?)
Necklace: Buckle similar
Shoes: TJ Maxx similar
Purse: Boutique similar

Thanks for reading :) xoxo

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