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Our Life :)

OK so I have been thinking lately about how blessed my hubby and I are! I always hear stories about how my parents or friends parents struggled when they first got married and I haven't really felt that way! I mean don't get me wrong we aren't rich but we definitely have everything we need and do everything we want to and more! I just feel SO incredibly blessed that we have great jobs and I mean really the way things have worked out is unreal. 2 years ago or even a year ago I would have never imagined myself working in the field I do now, and I love it! I love what I do and there is so much room for growth and so many opportunities! I can't take all the credit though, my good friend since 8th grade Taylor (Smith) Asay got me the job and Rob and I live in her and her husbands old apartment which we never would have found that good of a deal anywhere! Our rent is super cheap and it is such a good location! So thanks to her I have a good job and a cheap, convenient, cute, little apartment and it is perfect for us! :)
Also, Rob basically got offered a job at the jewelry store because his boss liked him when we went ring shopping! That is what it is all about lately WHO YOU KNOW! He told me "as soon as he gets home from summer sales make him come straight here and he will have a job..." and that is exactly what he did when he got home.. a year later he is still there! His boss is incredible and has so many things for us. He is such a thoughtful boss who would do anything for Rob and I. Anyway, it is tough when you get married to not get boring. I mean you kind of get in a routine, work from 9 to 5.. come home make dinner, clean up and watch movies or t.v. I feel like that is normal though. We are tired when we get off work and most of our friends are busy with family plans and work! So one thing I have been really been trying to do lately is make things a little bit more fun, plan dates that are not the same old dates or just surprise Rob with dates! Last week Rob and I were talking about how I need to stop being so boring.. I decided that was true because I haven't felt well (I went to the doctor this week and I am taking medicine now and I feel much better), so last Wednesday I took Rob on a date to Buffalo Wild Wings (which is SO good if you haven't been there) and we sat and watched the Olympics for at least an hour and a half. We loved the Olympics, then we went and got snow cones and the worlds best snow cone shack we go there at least 5 times a week and that isn't an exaggeration. It is located just outside of Smiths in Provo, YOU MUST GO THERE!! It is the best! Then on Friday we went to the Salt Lake City Rodeo/Fair. That was something very different that we never do but it was fun, even in the rain! We were soaked but it was still fun to get out! 
This after we got rained on.. :)

Then last night Rob and I drove to American Fork (which took as an hour to get there and back because of traffic)  for the one and only DEXTER!!! The sixth season came out on DVD on Tuesday and if you know us you know we are obsessed with Dexter. It is so good, we are excited to have our T.V series to watch and keep us entertained. The seventh season starts next month! YAYYYY!!! :)

 Our next adventure starts Monday when we head to the one and only Lake Powell! :) I am so excited! I need a break, work has been stressful this week!!  Anyway peeps, that is enough from me! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday! Remember,TOMORROW IS FRIDAY :) 

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  1. I just love you guys! You are so cute. I'm glad everything has worked out amazing! It's crazy how everything just falls into place when your doing what is right! We are so blessed!


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