Fashion & Lifestyle: If you don't like fashion, don't waste your time reading this :)


If you don't like fashion, don't waste your time reading this :)

Did anyone watch the Olympics closing ceremony and feel like it was complete chaos and so unorganized? I sure did! I loved every second of the Olympics but geez that was a disaster! There was just way to much going on at the same time! Anyway, there is a couple things I completely love about it, the fashion and models! There are so many gorgeous models and cool fashions from London. What would we do without the fashion coming from Europe, I mean really I feel like they are 5 years ahead of us though but that is OK the styles have to come from somewhere right?  
Some of the clothes/fashion trends are kind of weird. I have always been one to keep up with the styles but I will always have a little bit of a classy side to me and some of the styles are just a little bit to much. I like blazers, neutrals, dark (preferably black) jeans, stripes, and more black. Occasionally i will throw some color in but the only time I really wear bright colors is if I am just going casual and wearing a t-shirt or my FAVORITE v necks from Victorias Secret. If you don't own one you should! They are super inexpensive too! 2/$28 and there is like 13 colors to choose from! I don't really like animal print clothes or the colored jeans. That is just a little much for me and a little to trendy (don't get offended if you love them though because I love trendy styles I am just not WAY trendy myself), I have to admit I do have a pair of yellow capri's that I love! I am surprised I liked them. Also a lot of people are surprised I don't like more wild styles because i worked at Buckle for so long. Don't get me wrong I think it is super obnoxious when people knock Buckle because they do have A LOT of really cute, classy, and good quality clothes! The BKE Boutique stuff is my favorite. I also think it is funny that most of the people that knock Buckle either 1. can't afford it or 2. are obsessed with Nordstrom even though Buckle sales a lot of the same stuff as Nordstrom... 
Anyway, enough about that! Below I have posted "My Style" kind of what you could catch me in. Keep in mind I have to dress kinda nice for work which is Monday - Friday so I rarely wear t-shirt and jeans even though that is what my hubby thinks I look the best in :) 

This is my white ceramic Michael Kors watch, aka my baby, aka best surprise ever (Thanks  Rob). It is rare for me because I am so picky, to find a cute watch from his collection with silver on it since MK's favorite color is gold and I like gold I just wear more silver and I feel like It looks better right next to my ring! I also love that this watch is ceramic and probably won't be able to get another watch unless it is ceramic, I don't mean to sound like a brat but I don't like the plastic watches I think they feel cheap and I might as well buy a fossil watch for a lot cheaper (fossil makes Michael Kors watches if you didn't know that). I want a black MK watch next, hint hint Rob :) 
I am wearing something like this today only with a black blazer, I like putting a tshirt with blazers. I think it is so cute!

I have this blazer and I adore it! It is just so girly! :)

Blazers and Scarves... my 2 favorite things! :)

I have this outfit, minus the shoes :)
Love love love!!! BLACK :) 

Black and White :) 

I also have this outfit. Except my shirt is just a collared chiffon button up  from f21. :)

I love this outfit! SO CUTE!
I own these boots and they are my best friends! They match everything and are so comfy! :)

And last but not least is a few pictures. If you don't already follow this blog EVERYONE should! This girl is gorgeous and has the cutest and most creative style! I love her outfits and I want her hair :) Click Here to go to her blog. You will love it :)

There are so many more, go and check out her blog! Well that is enough from me! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday :) 

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