Fashion & Lifestyle: Friday :) 3 days til Lake Powell!!


Friday :) 3 days til Lake Powell!!

I just love days like yesterday! I stopped into Rob's work on my way home from work, which is a daily thing usually just to say hi while they were closing. He told me to go to the store and grab treats and dinner to eat while we watched the one and only Dexter, so i did! I went to Smiths and when Rob got home this was on the couch...

...we also had queso cooking, one of Rob's talents is mixing random things and making the BEST treats, dinner, drinks, etc! It is crazy I don't understand I have to follow a recipe or it is a disaster! So we threw on some sweats and watched Dexter! :) When it was over we decided to go miniature golfing and to IHOP while we waited for my mom's movie to get out. She is in town for Education Week at BYU. We went to her hotel and visited with some of my moms closest (you could call them my aunts because they basically are) friends. When 10:30 rolled around we headed home because if you know us we are like a grandma and grandpa.. if it is 11:30 and we aren't in bed, it is bad news! That is our bed time. So we came home, climbed in bed and cuddled :) nothing better than that!
Then today after work I am catching a ride to Logan with my mom to go support my dad and his team! If you don't know me very well here is the scoop. My dad is a head football coach for the High School I went to which is Mt. Crest, before that he was the head coach at North Sanpete for 13 year (I think) so I am 20... Put it all together, my dad has been a head football coach since I was in my moms stomach, and he helped coach before that! I wish I would have counted in my life all the High School football games I have been to supporting my dad, brother, cousins and well being a cheerleader. I LOVE FOOTBALL! My family loves football and I can't imagine growing up any other way! I have so many "brothers" from football and I just love the game! Anyway so let another season begin. :) I love supporting my dad, he is such an amazing coach and a good man! He loves his players and I have watched him put in so much time and effort for his teams to succeed! Go Mustangs! :) 

Ohhh yeah.. Happy Friday!!

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  1. me and my husband love dexter!!! So fun! Im loving your cute blog! Cant wait to read more!!!


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