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Lake Powell :)

I am back! Ohh how I loved my the break! There is nothing like spending 6 days in the sun, literally every day in the sun for hours!! We had a blast and are going to make it a yearly thing :) We stayed in a house boat which made it super nice, we had AC, running water (even though we didn't dare drink it and there is really no point to shower) and a TV to relax and watch movies most nights! While we were in Lake Powell I spent time perfecting my tan and I learned how to surf. If you have never done it YOU MUST TRY IT!! I am in love with it and could actually do it :) I was so excited I could do it! Rob learned how to surf as well and worked on  back flips and clearing the wake while wake boarding! He is a stud and did amazing! Ohh and he jumped off a 50 foot cliff. I watched. I am so scared of heights its not even funny. Anyway, we had a blast with Felicia and Colton (my cousin and her husband that got married 4 weeks after us) they are so awesome! It is so fun being at the same place in our lives. We are only 4 days apart and grew up very close so it was so nice to spend that time together with our husbands! :) Enough of me rambling are the best part, right? So here is the pictures of our trip. We didn't take very many.. 
BEWARE: I didn't put a drop of makeup on the whole trip and my hair usually dried from the wind while on the boat so I had no control.. which means I look scary!! 

Isn't he so cute? :) I love him.
There you have it! We came home yesterday, it sucks to be back to the real world but it is life and vacations are that much better when you get to get away from your busy life and just relax! When we left last Monday we decided to turn off our AC to save some money and when we got home it was SO HOT!!! We turned on the AC and tried to cool it down, but it didn't work that well in our bedroom.. so my cute husband brought our mattress into the living room and we slept by the AC! I froze to death.. Us girls can't just have a normal temperature I swear! Ha ha but having sleepovers with my husband/best friend never gets old! 
I hope everyone had an amazing week and weekend! Happy Monday! :)

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