Fashion & Lifestyle: Felicia & Colton, WEDDING SEASON!!


Felicia & Colton, WEDDING SEASON!!

On May 25 my cousin was married in the Logan Temple to her sweetheart! :) Felicia and I have always been VERY close.. we were born 4 days apart and married 4 months apart. For Christmas, Birthdays, and such we would always get the same thing but in different colors. It is like we are twins, we even drove the same car but different colors in high school! I remember i was so excited to move to Logan because Felicia was my best friend! It blows my mind we got married so close :) It was such a beautiful wedding, it was my first sealing (besides mine) and it was amazing. Listening to everything that was said and thinking about how special it is to be sealed in the temple, because at my wedding i don't remember much of what was said in mine! I can't think of a better person for Felicia to be married to, Colton is SUCH a nice guy and adores her. They looked so happy and in love :) On June 9th my very best friend Alora is getting married in the Bountiful Temple.. I am so blessed to have such good friends and i am so glad i can be there to see them get married! :) 
                                      This is the only picture i can find of them next to each other :) 

Yesterday was Memorial Day and it was a nice relaxing day. Rob and I both had the day off which NEVER happens. So we went to 7 Peaks and hung out for a few hours and got sunburned (which is now a nice tan), then headed home and watched a movie! It was a lot of fun, i never get sick of spending time with my sweet husband. Later we had Alora and her fiance Josh over for dinner and some games. :) Life is good, I love my husband with all my heart and I am so lucky to have him in my life for eternity.. He is my best friend! 

                   Our photographer posts sneak peaks quite a bit from the wedding, this is one from today :)

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