Fashion & Lifestyle: Rob's Birthday Week :)


Rob's Birthday Week :)

What a good week we had! :) We are still getting our apartment all organized and i swear it is never organized. On Tuesday Rob's mom came into his work and gave him some of our mail. One of the things was dinner for 2 at The Roof, since we had our luncheon at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building they do a complimentary dinner! So without wasting any time we planned a date night for the next day, we were going to do a temple session but i got off at 5 and dinner was at 7 so we wouldn't have had time. Rob had the day off so he ran some errands and picked me up from work, we made our way to SLC. Dinner was so much fun, especially being able to look out at our temple! :) After dinner we walked over to City Creek and Rob let me get a cute new skirt! Rob then told me he had a surprise for me at home, so we headed home and he got me the movie Pursuit of Happiness, so we had a movie night. I LOVE that movie and wanted to buy it but we couldn't find it on blue ray when i wanted to buy it, but Rob found it! :) He is so sweet and thoughtful! Then, Friday was my sweet husbands 25th birthday. I tried to do all i could to spoil him. I took him to lunch at Guru's and then dinner that night at Tucanos. We love Tucanos. After dinner we went to our house where we had a few of Rob's friends, my mom, and Rob's parents! It was a lot of fun. I got him a sound bar for our new smart TV! I think he liked it. After the party ended we went miniature golfing with some friends and had a blast playing the games. That next morning i headed up to Logan for my BEST friend Alora's bridal shower. She is getting married June 9th, and i couldn't be happier for her!! After the shower we were able to spend some time together doing what girls do best... Shopping! I then headed to Rob's parents for his birthday dinner. :) Sunday we were able to attend our new ward, which we love. There is a lot of young married people, and if i wasn't baby hungry before this will not help! Ha ha there is so many babies!! After church we had some good friend over for games and dinner! :) What a busy weekend we had, but we enjoyed being around friends and family!! 

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