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Newborn Baby Must Haves with Playtex

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Sometimes I feel guilty about how much I prepared and documented for baby number one. With baby number two on the way I have bought a few things but for the most part everything I have gone out to get are things I used with the first and find to be must haves. I try and remind myself that I shouldn't feel guilty it is just that I know exactly what I liked and found to be a necessity with Krew. Things seem to be a lot more simple with baby number two. So with only 7 weeks left I headed to Target to pick up the last few items I needed to be ready for baby number two, and lets not pretend like I didn't get a few more items that aren't necessary because when it comes to Target I just can't resist. If you are looking to register, I strongly suggest Target. Not only do they have the cutest baby clothes it is my one stop shop for all my baby needs, and since I will have two kids under two I will for sure need a one stop shop!

1. NEW Diaper Genie Pail Complete: I had a few people tell me this wasn't a necessity. I am here to assure you that it is. Unless you like taking diapers out to the dumpster at 3am this is much needed for your sanity and we all need as much help as we can get after changing tons of diapers. Not only that but it helps absorb and lock in odor which is a must have and why I love the diaper genie so much. I don't want my house to smell like a dirty diaper.
2. Diaper and wipes: These are obviously a must. With my first I didn't buy any newborn diapers or receive any. Krew was almost 8 pounds and wore newborn diapers for a month. Luckily the hospital sent us home with a pack of diapers because we had none. I kept a few newborn diapers of 4 different brands we tried with Krew to see which ones work best with baby girl. I think a lot of it depends on the kid and the way the diaper fits them so keep that in mind if blowouts happen a lot with one specific brand.

3. Blankets: For Krew he only had a few swaddle blankets, since he was born in October we usually used thicker blackets. We discovered he loved to be swaddled so I am going to swaddle this baby and see what she thinks about it. I loved the swaddles that have velcro or zip up. They are much easier and quicker to use especially if grandma or anyone else is babysitting and isn't used to swaddling so baby can't break out.

4. Bottles: One of our favorites is the Playtex VentAire Wide Bottle. These bottles have an anti-colic bottom vent which was a must with Krew. These bottles make it so less bubbles are mixing with the milk while the baby is drinking. Colic is something I wasn't prepared for so I am so glad companies like Playtex make products like this because colic is so common in most babies. Nursing was a real struggle with baby number one (let's hope this time around goes better) so I exclusively pumped for almost 10 months. Krew had colic bad and so this time we are prepared. Even though there isn't anything you can do to prevent it, we can do things to help! These bottles help so much and will make life a little less rough with a newborn that cries for hours. 
5. Burp cloths: My sweet friend Natalie and I made 14 burp cloths for baby girl. You guys that is the way to go! They were so easy and inexpensive to make. We went through about 2 burp cloths a day and I knew this time I wanted more and I also wanted them bigger! Making them seemed like the best option, even if you can't sew (like me) find someone who can to help you out like I did. 

6. Pajamas - lots and lots of them! I didn't realize how many you go through the first couple months. Between spit up and blow outs you will want to stock up or you will be doing laundry 24/7. I really do not like the pajamas that have snaps, in the middle of the night those are awful. So try and avoid them. Stick to the pajamas with a zipper or the gowns.
7. Onesies - you can never have too many of these. For the first few weeks with a newborn you don't really go anywhere and onesies are comfortable and easy to change. Also, adding a plain white onesie underneath every outfit helps save clothes from blowouts. They will happen! Something that is nice about most onesies is the shoulders are overlapping to make it easier to take the onesie off over the shoulders so you aren't dragging poop or spit up over their head, if that makes sense.
8. Socks and Mitts - Krew scratched himself forever! The little hand mittens are the best. However, make sure to find the ones that are smaller around the wrist so they stay on better. Same with socks, make sure the ankle isn't huge or they will just kick off their sock nonstop. 

Aside from obvious things like the swing, bassinet, car seat and stroller this list is pretty much all the baby needs right away. Of course that isn't all I get the baby but I really wanted to focus on the necessities and keep things simple. I could seriously go into Target and buy every baby item because they are so cute and they always have exactly what I need. Although becoming a mom was a pretty smooth transition for me there will always be bumps in the road, and I am so grateful for Krew who made me a mom and for all he has taught me already.
All of these products were found down the baby isles at Target. Try to come out of Target with just a couple items, it is nearly impossible!


  1. Congratulations on your little girl to come! I love her name Henley. How cute. I really love these thoughtful tips. You're right about the onesies and blow outs. Ha. :) #client

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