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MORE Newborn Must Haves

Today I want to talk about some newborn must have items! These are items that I either have or have researched to purchase for baby number two. I have teamed up with to let you all know about what a great website they are and I will tell you why! The is not just a regular baby store where you can buy any and every baby product out there, that is why I love it. They take the time to research the products they are selling and only sell the best of the best. They are such a great resource when shopping and while you begin or continue your journey as a parent! Bringing a baby into the world can be overwhelming at times, I know that I spent a lot of time researching and loved talking to parents about any tips or tricks they swore by. I know a lot of people have a hard time taking advice because every kid is different, but it is worth trying things out that have worked for other people and if it doesn't work for you then try something different. At they price match, even sites like Amazon, offer free shipping nationwide over $49 and actively engage with parents via social media. They also have a blog where they discuss some of the harder topics that come along with being a parent. I listed and talked about some favorites below!

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City Select Double Stroller - If I could go back and do one thing different with baby number one it would be to get a double stroller. We knew we wanted to have our kids close together so it would have made more sense and saved us more money if we would have just got a double stroller to begin with. Now with baby number two almost here we are having to buy another stroller and won't really use the single stroller much or ever.

Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin Burp Cloths - To me having cute and nice sized burp cloths are a must. Not every kid spits up a ton and my little guy didn't spit up a whole lot but I used burp cloths a lot for feedings as well. You can never have too many!

Covered Goods Multi Use Nursing Cover - These nursing covers are seriously such a good idea. There is nothing like a product that serves three different purposes. Not only that but it is cute! I exclusively pumped for baby number one for multiple reasons but this time nursing is my only option simply for convenience (unless I absolutely can't nurse). Dealing with pumping, a little toddler, and a newborn would be a nightmare.

Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin 3 Pack - Since baby girl will be born the beginning of June we stocked up on swaddles. They are light weight and perfect to throw in our diaper bag and won't keep the baby too warm. With baby number one who was born the beginning of October, we used swaddles more than any blanket so no matter when they are born swaddles are a must!

Owlet Baby Vitals Monitor - Anyone who has had a first baby knows how much you worry about your babies, especially while they are sleeping. We kind of drive ourselves crazy checking the baby constantly. These Owelet monitors really give you the piece of mind you need as a mom with a newborn so you can get a little more rest.

Happy Baby Wraps- When I had baby number one I didn't think I needed one of these. I wish I would have had one, he had colic and constantly wanted to be held especially up against my chest. So that is why I put this on my list, that and I think this is the only way I will survive with two kids under two! I am all about having my baby close to me so these are perfect!

4Moms MamaRoo - A good swing is very important. With my first I got a really inexpensive swing at Walmart and it literally stopped working after a month. I didn't want to buy another one because I didn't know how long he would like the swing. Well he loved the swing at the baby sitters until he was way too big for it. I wish I would have spent the money upfront on a nice swing instead of wasting money on one that stopped working. This swing was on the very top of my list to buy for baby number two!

Little Unicorn Marinade Backpack Diaper Bag - Obviously this is very important. This is a great diaper bag for one major reason. It is a back pack! It gets pretty tough to carry around a carseat or baby and a diaper bag in your arms. I will be doing a what is in my diaper bag post soon so stay tuned for that! 

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