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Baby Shower

This weekend I had my second and final baby shower. My friends hosted my first one and it was a small shower with just a few friends (I forgot to take pictures and I am so sad about it, it was so cute) and this shower my mom hosted. It was my bigger shower with family and friends from Logan. Let's just say that Krew was SPOILED!! He already has so many people that love him! I am officially set with more than enough blankets, pajamas, toys, etc. Rob and I are so blessed to have so many friends and family that support us and help us get prepared for being new parents!

 Please ignore the crappy cell phone pictures.. my camera charger has been lost for like a month (the reason I have been slacking on outfit posts)

I am obsessed with crepes, so it was only fitting to have a crepe bar! Such a cute idea :) thanks mom!

My mom insisted she take a picture of me cooking!

Me and my best friend Alora

My mom & niece Taylor

My sister in law Lindsay, newest niece Braylin (a month old), and my sister
 Alecia (she is having her baby girl  Aug. 26). My butt looks like it is as big as my belly in this picture... ha ha ha and for some reason I look really pregnant in this picture, maybe it was all the crepes and dessert I ate at the shower! ;) Thank you to all my readers for all your love and support through out my pregnancy, you are all amazing!

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  1. Cute!! I am planning a baby shower for my cousin this week, got some great ideas :)

  2. What a cute shower! It's really great to have many friends and a family who will love you and will support you for everything. And it's a different thing when our own mother throws us a baby shower for us. It makes us feel like the luckiest daughter in the this world for having a thoughtful mom. This shower that you have is very impressive. Your mom did a very great job!


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