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32 Week Bumpdate

I cannot believe I am 32 weeks! This pregnancy has gone by so fast it is crazy. I have been out of town in Lake Powell so that is why I have been MIA and missed a couple of updates. It seems like I still have so much to do to prepare to meet sweet little Krew and time is flying by. 

Due Date: October 1st
Weight Gain: 10 lbs (after Lake Powell I bet I am up 30 ha ha)
Belly Button: Completely out. You can see it through my shirt sometimes
Best Moment This Week: We took a 9 day vacation and it was amazing (I will post about it this week), it was so nice to relax and spend time with friends, family and my husband. It was a perfect little "baby moon". Also, on Saturday I have a baby shower in Logan. It is my last one!
Sleep: I still sleep amazing! When I wake up my hips hurt from sleeping on my side but other than that I sleep so good and have my whole pregnancy. I have noticed that I am more tired, which is obviously normal!
Stretch Marks: Everything is clear except my side of my but/thighs, I have a few but they are staying SUPER light with my amazing Bio Oil. Seriously it is a life saver, and you can hardly see them at all thank goodness!!
Looking Forward To: My baby shower, it will be nice to know exactly what I need to buy after my shower. That way I will be able to feel ready for the baby. 
Movement: Baby boy is SO active and I love it. I love just laying there watching baby boy.
Labor Signs: I have had a little bit more cramping lately (like period cramps), and a lot of braxton hicks!
Nursery:  The next few weeks I am going to be focusing on the nursery. We have his crip, bedding and changing table. I have been eyeing a cute clock, rug and rocking chair to add to the room though! :) His room is going to be really simple. We don't really want it to look like a "baby room", I don't know I am not really a fan of any of the cheesy baby stuff (sorry to offend anyone)! His bedding is black, white and grey, we are going add a light grey blue here and there but it will stay pretty simple and modern. 
Hospital Bag/Diaper Bag: My aunt got me the cutest Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag and it is packed with essentials as well as stuff for the hospital! That is the only thing that I have ready, and I am proud of it. I have started gathering a couple of things for my hospital bag like a cute gown to wear that will be easy to nurse in but still cute when people come to visit, as well as a pair of Victorias Secret sweats. 

Everything I have talked about as far as the nursery, diaper bag and hospital bag will be posted in a seperate post before baby boy is born!

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