Fashion & Lifestyle: Wishlist for Baby Hopkins


Wishlist for Baby Hopkins

It has been so fun looking at items, reading the reviews, etc. These are 4 items that I am going to splurge on for my baby and I feel like they aren't unreasonable either because they are all gender neutral and will be able to be used with my other babies. 
High Chair: I have debated back and forth on the high chair, and this one I couldn't even find a place to buy it. I just love the modern look and want to find something similar. I also really like these Boon high chairs, do any of you have one? 
Bouncer: Do I need to even explain? It is amazing and I have heard nothing but good things about it!
Diaper Bag: I just love these Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags, one because I know that I will probably carry a purse a lot less when I have my baby and two because they are cute! I also feel like it is something my husband wouldn't feel way weird about carrying around. I also like this one in the backpack version.  
Travel System: I found this travel system at Walmart and I think for all the things it does it is amazing. It says it is not available online, but I am sure it will be back up soon. I also saw it at the Walmart by my house. My favorite part about it is all of the different things the stroller can do! Check it out on the website. I am obsessed!

Thank you all for all for your love and support!

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