Fashion & Lifestyle: 13 Week Bumpdate


13 Week Bumpdate

I am officially in my 2nd trimester! :) I can't believe it. Actually, I can. Time is really going by pretty slow but I know that in no time it will speed up and the baby will be growing (and so will I) and moving around! 

How far: 13 Weeks
Due Date: October 1st
Gender: I think its a boy and I always have. We are finding out what our baby is April 9th! :) Any guesses?
Weight Gain/Loss: Lost 7lbs. Since my doctors appointment in January (when I didn't know I was pregnant) to my appointment I had at 11 weeks. However, I doubt I have gained much weight. My body hasn't really changed since 11 weeks!
Maternity Clothes: Not yet. I have currently added the following maturity items to my wardrobe.. swimsuit, 4 dresses, and a pair of skinnies/capri's. Best part, I haven't even spent $100 on all those items. I have found a lot of good things and will do a post on where I am finding my good deals. So far Old Navy, Target, H&M and ASOS have been my go to places!
Stretch Marks: None. 
Belly Button In or Out: In
Sleep: I sleep like a rock and I always have. I hope that sticks!
Best Moment This Week: Hitting my second trimester, also I haven't thrown up this week! YAY!!
Miss Anything: Not being able to survive without Zofran, I am hoping these next few weeks I start to feel better. 
Movements: None yet, I can't wait to feel my baby move. 
Cravings: Bean Burritos with lots of hot sauce
Queasy or Sick: Meat still just grosses me out! Still feeling pretty sick but I am trying to slowly ease off my medicine(Zofran). Cross your fingers!
Looking Forward To: Finding out what "it" is! I am sick of calling my baby an it. 

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  1. I will be 15 weeks tomorrow ;) and when I hit the second trimester I did a happy dance. So much energy and no more throwing up!! It is awesome to be out of the first trimester I hear ya!!! We find out the April 1 what we are having and I'm thinking boy as well! I'm so excited for you! ;) I can't wait to hear what your having.


  2. Can't wait to hear what you are going to have.


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