Fashion & Lifestyle: Fall Go To Items! :)


Fall Go To Items! :)

Happy Monday Everyone!! :) I hope you all had a great weekend. So today I wanted to talk about some of my fall go to items especially for all of you that live in the snow states and are freezing like I am right now! Ha ha but I have lived through this for 20 years so I think I will be fine!

If you read my blog you see me where this scarf A LOT! I got it last year and it is seriously the best scarf. I love it! I got it at Target. :)

My Victorias Secret Leggings. So comfy, I wear these a lot. When I bought them I went up like 2 sizes because I didn't want them to be skin tight. These are a super good deal too! 2 for $28:)

These are seriously the best shoes, believe it or not they have the most traction out of any of my shoes! I got them at Target as well :) they are online!

I wear these boots all the time. They match everything and are the most comfortable shoes around! I wish they made them in every color. I can't find any that I really like in this style.  I got them from Cathy Jean. If you know of any, let me know! :)

This darling bracelet from Bip and Bop! Is so simple and cute. I highly recommend checking out the website you won't be upset!

I am allergic to milk and I love hot chocolate. However, I don't always love feeling sick. So this stuff I great. I absolutely love it! So good!

This beanie! I got it at TJ Maxx and I love it! Everyone needs 1 good beanie.. or maybe a few! ;) 

I hope everyone has an amazing day! :) I have a great outfit post for tomorrow! 

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  1. Mariah! Did you get your Pink Leggings in store or online? I keep going to Fash. Place to see if they have any and they never do. So idk what size to order.... What size did you end up liking?

    1. I got Larges. Just because I don't want them skin tight or see through! They are so comfy though!! If I were you I would get a Medium. They don't stretch out as you wear them either and they are longer. :)


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