Fashion & Lifestyle: Casual Friday!! Nike 6.0 :)


Casual Friday!! Nike 6.0 :)

Jeans: G-Stars
V-Neck: Victorias Secrets
Shoes: Nike 6.0
Watch: Michael Kors (Goldsmith Co. Jewelers)
Hat: Husbands

Sorry I have been MIA so much this week, I have had the flu for the past couple of days! :( I drug my butt to work today to catch up a little bit but man i feel like crap! This outfit it just a fun casual outfit that is common for a lazy day off. These pictures were actually taken like 3 weeks ago but I forgot to post it! I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! I will be curled up in a blanket recovering from this sickness! Follow me on instagram :) @mariahhopkins3

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  1. Such a cute, casual and comfy look!!



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