Fashion & Lifestyle: Christmas Cheer.. :)


Christmas Cheer.. :)

Happy Tuesday!! :) If you follow me on Instagram (@mariahhopkins3) you have seen that I have posted a couple things that I have done for Christmas! Last week my husband and I went and picked out our first Christmas Tree and all the decorations, plus some for outside. It is so much fun to decorate and make those memories of our first Christmas.. married that is, this is our 3rd one together though. Then last night I decided I needed a Christmas mani-pedi, so I sat by the tree and gave myself one! I am so excited for Christmas. This time of year is just so much fun, I love seeing all my family and of course eating all the yummy treats that come with the holiday season. :) Also if there is anything you all should know about me during this time of year is that I am 110% OBSESSED with the movie The Grinch (the Dr. Seuss one) like I can quote the entire thing and I have already watched it 3 times this year.. weird? I know, but I don't care I love that movie!! I laugh every time I watch it!

Here are some things I have my eye on for Christmas.. :)

#1 on my list I couldn't find anywhere online is a leather jacket. I have wanted one for a long time! :)

#2 SWEATERS!! I love sweaters and I love the sweaters from Forever 21.. Every time I look online at them I just want to buy them all, also did you know I love stripes?

(These can all be found on and most likely in the store)

#3 I love shoes.. :) What girl doesn't? 
If you have questions on any of these shoes just ask :)

#4.. Michael Kors... Melts my heart! I LOVE HIS WATCHES!!

What's on your Christmas list?? :)

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  1. I love F21 sweaters. Lately the more expensive stores have been a miss for me with sweaters, but F21 always has such cute ones for the best prices! Love that black & white stripe one!

  2. I know!! :) I love black and white! You can't go wrong!


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