Fashion & Lifestyle: 10 Stocking Stuffers for Men!! :)


10 Stocking Stuffers for Men!! :)

Happy Hump Day!! :) Ok ladies, how many of you agree men are tough to shop for?? I mean girl are so easy to shop for even if it is that person that you feel like already has EVERYTHING.. No girl can have to much make up, lip stick, lip gloss, nail polish, jewelry, etc. Well I wish men were that easy to shop for. However, I feel like stocking stuffers are even harder to find. So here is a little list for you all to hopefully make your shopping experience better! :) Now if there are any men reading, I will make a list for what to get girls as well.. I used to work in retail and trust me I know there are lots of me out there that really have NO IDEA what to get there wife, girlfriend, mom, or whatever girl you may be shopping for! Keep your eyes out for that post. :)
*note that I am not telling you brand to get, these are just some ideas and things that are popular right now.
*also one tip for everyone when shopping, if you really have no clue what to get someone find out what there favorite store is and get them something there! Ask a sales associate at the store what the most popular item or brand in the store. If it is someones favorite store they most likely will like a lot of the products in the store. Or simply get them a gift card! I love gift cards. I know some people feel like it is just an easy gift but let me tell you, if you are shopping for someone that is extremely picky it is easier for you and the person you are shopping for to just get a gift card! :)

These glasses.. I love these!! You can find these here. Who doesn't like Ray Bans?

I know some of you are rolling your eyes right now because the box says Ed Hardy on it and if you don't know.. Ed Hardy is WAY out ha ha! However, this cologne smells SO GOOD!!! So close your eyes, scribble out the Ed Hardy or whatever you have to do to get past the brand it smells great! You can get this cologne at Buckle. :)

Body wash! :)
Wallets are great for a gift! Especially if you fill it with some gift cards :) Found this here.

Try these.. You won't regret it! They sound great. :) You can get these at Best Buy. 

What guy doesn't like eating out? Get them gift card. :) 

Do people still use Ipods? 

I don't know much about these, besides they seem like they save a lot of time compared to shaving with an actual razor! Found this here.

A nice tie :)

Some new dress socks! :)

I hope this helps. If you have any other questions feel free to ask! 
Thanks for reading! 

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