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Happy Friday!!

I am SO happy it is finally Friday, I have been so busy at work that I have just been exhausted!! Not to mention for some reason everything I eat makes me sick. It is so frustrating. I know I am allergic to lactose but I have been getting sick after every time I eat.. this has been going on for months now. This makes me tired and not want to do anything.. my poor husband he always has to listen to me complain and be with me when I am so boring! :( My uncle who is a doctor told me to keep track of what I eat and let him know what makes me sick. So far the past 2 days I have been super careful about what I have eaten and I have been feeling better. I might starve to death but I am feeling better. So my diet will probably consist of salads (no ranch..bummer), Veggies, fruit, fish, oatmeal, and water! That is what I eaten the past 2 days and I have felt better. My diet wasn't even bad before that is what sucks about it all!

Anyway, have I told you how excited I am to go to Lake Powell this month? I can't wait to lay out and hang out with my cousin, her husband, whoever else will be there and of course my sweet hubby! I have never been to Lake Powell and I can't wake board (which I used to love to do) because of my shoulder surgery,  but I don't even care it will be a blast!! 

So recently I set my Pandora station at work on Mayday Parade, and for some reason it has switched to these amazingly good piano pieces, which isn't even close to Mayday Parade. Most of the pieces are famous songs but it is seriously so relaxing, not like put me to sleep relaxing either. I feel like the biggest loser blasting this music but I work 100 times better when it is on. THIS IS CRAZY. I feel like an old lady sometimes.... 

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