Fashion & Lifestyle: "She had made yet another wise shopping decision.."


"She had made yet another wise shopping decision.."

Shopping in So. Cal :)

All my life I never really loved shopping.. I am the type to go in the store get what I need then leave. My mom on then other hand could stay in a store for hours browsing....(but she finds the best deals it blows my mind) and maybe that is why I am the way I am because I spent hours wandering through the same store. Who would have thought I would have worked full time in retail for a year and a half, this making me like shopping/mall madness even less (minus the fact I met my hubby working retail). Don't get me wrong I LOVE new clothes and fashion so much! I finally got out of retail and I am now working full time as an Executive Assistant/Receptionist at a mortgage company, I absolutely love my job.. but there are days when I have a lot of down time. Since I have not only one but two computers in front of my face I tend to get on Pinterest, read blogs, check out the latest fashion and that of course inspires me to, yes... SHOP ONLINE. I could do it all day, what happened to the girl who didn't really love shopping? What is it about shopping online that could entertain me all day, maybe it is because I am sitting in a comfortable chair instead of walking through a mall looking through unorganized stores. I usually don't even buy anything either, I just love to browse. If I bought all the things I found my husband would kill me. What happened to me?? Anyway... I must say though I am a big time bargain shopper, so if you need help I am the girl to call. Maybe it was the year and a half of 40% off now I can't make myself buy something unless it is a good deal (there are some exceptions of course) but whatever it is I can't complain and neither can my husband. :) 

... and this is how I feel when i find a good deal :)


  1. oooooo me me!! I need to have the patience to bargain shop. If I can't find anything in a store right off the bat I'm done. I just feel sale racks are a war zone and an impulse buy waiting to happen lol. Helpful tips.....WELCOMED!!! love you girl miss you!

  2. AMANDA!! I RARELY look at the sale racks in stores. I don't like shopping in stores, but if you shop online it is SO easy just to click sale and look through the sale. I usually always look or wait until it is free shipping too :) plus I really don't need anything new so it is easy to be patient. Ha ha check out these websites:

    * regular priced stuff isn't expensive anyway)
    * (cute jewelry)
    * (go to the sale)

    I have a lot more but those are some of the ones i shop at. Amanda you know me I love expensive stuff I am all about "you get what you pay for," but i love a discount. :) LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU LOTS!!


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