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Pinterest Treasures :)

Don't you hate when you find something that you really like on Pinterest and when you follow the link it is either sold out or you can't find it? I DO! My husband doesn't quite see what is so cool about Pinterest but i am sure there is quite a few people/girls out there who understand.. I find the cutest fashion ideas, hair tips, ways to save money, amazing food, craft ideas (even though I am not very crafty Pinterest makes me feel like I am ha ha) and things that make me say "I have to remember that!" Here are some of my recent treasures I have found: 

I love this hair style, it is one of my all time favorites right now! It is super easy as well :) I found this on

This is one of those ones that I couldn't find forever (found on when I did it was sold out. I want a chunky gold and mint green/ turquoise necklace so bad, anyone know where i can find one? I have looked everywhere!

I love this top with the jewelry and gold watch! So pretty :) 

I LOVE blazers, they are so classy! Especially with stripes :) 

Last but not least, this is something i am sure you have heard of but if you haven't, you must try it. This has saved me lots of money. I LOVE mascara, that sounds weird but it is one of my favorite things about make up, but not just any mascara it must be Lash Blast by Covergirl I swear by it! The orange one is the one I have right now but the purple one is really good as well. Anyway if you are like me you LOVE your mascara super fresh, there is nothing better than new mascara. Most mascara dries out pretty quick but if you just add a 4 or 5 drops of saline solution (contact solution) it will be as good as new :) you can repeat this a few times until you can't get anymore out. Also it doesn't matter what contact solution or mascara you use this is just what I use.. :)

Anyway that is enough from me! :) have a good 24th of July!!

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