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Mr. & Mrs. Burnham :)

Wedding season is now over for my really close friends/family! What a stressful but happy time. :) this weekend my best friend and her sweetheart Josh tied the knot!! It was SUCH a beautiful sealing. They looked so happy and in love. I am so happy that Alora found someone that loves her so much! The wedding festives began on Thursday, i had a little bachelorette party at my house. It was fun and relaxing. Friday night was the wedding dinner at a restaurant in SLC. It was delicious. Then all the bridesmaids stayed the night in Salt Lake so we could be close for the wedding in Bountiful. The reception followed in Provo. It was a very vintage reception, it turned out SO cute! It was a party filled with a game room, desserts, dancing, etc. It was exactly what the bride and groom wanted! I am so happy for Mr. and Mrs. Burnham! Love you guys!! Have fun in Cancun :) :)

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  1. It is a beautiful picture! I totally agree, the wedding season has gone now but it was fun attending weddings this year, I got to see a lot of beautiful San Francisco wedding venues. I guess, it’s my age where people around me are just getting married and having babies. I don’t know what’s going to happen with my life but attending weddings is always fun.


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