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Two Year Sleep Regression - Nanit

Isn't she cute?? :)

Two year sleep regression? WHAT?? That is a thing? Yup! It is at this house with our sweet little Henley Grace. Over the last month her sleeping has been terrible and I have no idea why. She would wake up a couple times a night and it was getting so frustrating. So I wanted to figure out what was happening in the night and what was causing these sleep habits. We put the Nanit monitor is Henleys room and noticed that the biggest problem was she was falling out of her bed (it is on the floor)! Also, Nanit tells you the temperature of the room and her room was FREEZING!! I know it seems simple but she would wake up and start knocking on her door. Or I would find her in her closet! I wondered if she had night terrors or something like that so we set up the monitor and was able to find out the issue. I put up a bed rail, turned up the heat, and just like that PROBLEM SOLVED! It is literally such a good baby monitor. I am telling you that after 3 kids and trying out multiple monitors the Nanit is amazing! 

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