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The Ollie World Swaddle

Swaddle: c/o The Ollie World

There are things you learn after having your 3rd kid that save your sanity! As much as I thought my first hated to be swaddled my babysitter showed me that, that was not the case. I mean he might have hated it at first but after a few seconds he was relaxed and knew it was time to sleep. That has been the case with all my kids. Babies have such awkward arms and end up waking themselves up. That is the bottom line. So swaddles save my life, and my sleep! I have tried a lot of swaddles just like the one from The Ollie World but this one is THE BEST!!! His arms don't slip out and it is so soft! I am all for baby products that actually work and this one is amazing. 


  1. looks like a nice and easy to use swaddle.


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