Fashion & Lifestyle: Baby BOY #3


Baby BOY #3

The reason I have been so MIA is because I am PREGNANT!!!! We are expecting baby boy #3 to join our family the end of December (actual due date is January 7th). He is a little surprise baby and we are so excited about it! Henley is 20 months younger than Krew and this baby and Henley will only be just over a year and a half apart! Life will be busy (it already is) but so fun and rewarding. 
I am just about 15 weeks and I get extreme morning sickness when I'm pregnant. I get dehydrated and take Zofran to stay alive! Haha I hate saying anything negative because I KNOW there are so many out there who would give anything to be as sick as me to have a little baby of their own on the way. We are blessed and very excited! 


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