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2017 GOALS

  • Put our house up for sale in January
  • I became a stay at home mom in January
  • Sold our house in February
  • Moved in with my in laws for a few months 
  • My parents moved closer to us (part time) for my dads new job in May
  • HENLEY GRACE HOPKINS joined our family June 2nd
  • We went to California as a family
  • Found a place to rent for a year
  • I started selling for SeneGence (aka LipSense)
  • Krew turned TWO
  • Christmas was magical, and spent with the people who matter most. Our family!

Last year was FOR SURE a year of transition, a year of growth in more ways than one. With all the happy things that happened to our family (we are truly blessed) we also experience trials that have shaped us and taught us. We have all learned and continue to learn! I am excited for 2017, I am motivated and inspired! I am excited to see where my business will go, the last couple months have blessed our family and for that I am SO grateful. Oh and it is my golden birthday year so I know it will be good!! 

I have never set as many goals as I am setting this year. I have never felt more motivated than I do this year. So here we go: 
2017 GOALS

  • Pray, read one chapter and watch one inspirational video every. single. day.
  • Attend the temple every other week
  • Attend all three meetings of church every. single. Sunday.

  • Go on one date a week without kids - Even if it is at home without kids around
  • Pray & read scriptures together
  • Attend the temple together
  • Serve, serve, serve

  • BE MORE PATIENT - Help??? Hahaha
  • Have ONE activity a day planned for Krew
  • Limit screen time
  • Potty Train Krew
  • Give my kids my all of my attention, get down on their level and play
  • Work out 5-6 days a week, even if it is just 20 minutes a day. SOMETHING is better than nothing
  • Drink more water
  • Cut WAYYYYYY back on sweets and junk. Like I mean WAY back! I don't want to say no sweets because that would be setting myself up to fail and I don't want to be unrealistic here! haha

  • 2-3 blog posts a week
  • Do at least 2 photography sessions a month
  • Do more photography/lightroom education

  • Help at least 5 people on my team become work from home mommas/wifes (more than 5 would be amazing)
  • Earn a car
  • Be able to pay ALL our bills (rent, cars, and phones is all we have) with just my earnings by March

This list is long I know, but I need it written down. I need to be held accountable! I need to do every single thing on this list because I know that I can. I hope to be able to look back on 2017 and feel like I did my very best to be a better person and to be more successful! 

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