Fashion & Lifestyle: playing in the rocks


playing in the rocks

(heaven help me)

(he did not want to leave)

Top: Target - Cardigan: c/o Pink Blush - Jeans: Victorias Secret - Shoes: Zulily

Sometimes as a mom I think I forget to get down on my kids level and just play. His eyes light up and he is just so happy when I give him my full attention and just play, especially in the rocks. Terrible twos can be tough especially when you have two under two, but spending that one on one time helps both me and Krew. It is so important to just be a mom. This outfit is the perfect outfit to "mom" in. It is comfortable, simple and makes me feel put together. I hesitated posting some of these pictures because they are so simple, I am letting my lashes fall off (after a year and half) and I only have a tiny bit of mascara on. The best part about it is my kids don't care, and my husband prefers me with simple make up and simple clothes so #winning! What's your go to mom look?


  1. you son is getting so big.

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