Fashion & Lifestyle: NEWBORNS & ONE MONTH UPDATE



ONE MONTH UPDATE - 7lbs 15 oz

  • Loves her binky
  • Sleeps 6 hours at night
  • Loves to be swaddled
  • Smiled since birth.. literally
  • Cry sounds like a raptor, really squeaky 
  • Petite 
  • Easy going
  • SUCH a good baby
In your first month you:
  • Went to the pool multiple time and laid out (in the shade)
  • Went to your first of many football events
  • Traveled to Logan and Richfield
  • Got in a (little) car accident - Got stuck and slid into a rock
  • Went to your first "photoshoot" for a boutique
  • Stole our hearts more than we thought possible!!

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