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Happy Mothers Day

Here are some pictures from the last year

Everyday I wake up and still can't believe that I am a Mom. My whole life I dreamed of being a mom and found myself always wanting to hold the babies instead of heading outside to play with the other kids. I was so lucky to grow up with a mom as such an amazing example. She has always been there for me, and she still is. She would do anything for me and I love that I have that security still from my mom (and dad). It makes me want to be a better mom everyday because I think of all my mom did and still does for me, how I grew up feeling loved always. I want my babies to always feel like they can call on me even when they are grown up and out of the house. I live everyday to make Krew happy and although I am not perfect I really try! I remember the little things my mom would do for me and how much it meant and still means to me. I remember coming home from school to a clean room, a new outfit or a note in my cheer bag. These things all happened when I needed them the most, when I had forgotten what mattered most and will forever hold a special place in my heart. My mom lived/lives day and night to serve her kids and I want nothing more for my kids. I hope they always feel love and comfort from me because they will never know how much I love them. This Mothers Day is so special to me because not only do I have my sweet baby boy in my arms I have my sweet baby girl in my stomach. I feel so blessed to be a mom. 

If you haven't already watched this you must! I cry whenever I hear it.
Happy Mothers Day.

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