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Krew feat. Robeez

Top: Walmart - Skinnies: Old Navy (girls) - Shoes: c/o Robeez

I mean does it get any cuter than this? You are going to be seeing a lot more toddler/baby fashion ideas on my blog because well.. he is with me 24/7 and it is fun to mix things up. These little booties that he is wearing are from Robeez, they are so soft yet stylish! He looks so handsome in them and they dress up his outfits. Everyone needs a pair of black dressy shoes, even a 1 year old! Also, a little trick I do is I buy his skinnies in the girl section at Old Navy. He is a long skinny little guy so these are perfect, they aren't baggy and you can adjust the waist so they don't have their pants falling down! I hope you all had a great Valentine's/Three day weekend.

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  1. What a handsome little guy


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