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Toddler (boy) Christmas Gift Guide

I hope you find this list helpful. All the items (minus the Plane, he got that for his birthday) listed Krew is getting for Christmas because he either has played with the toy and loves it or because he needs it. Like snow clothes would be the need, we live in Utah! The boots I listed above I just love, they will be cute with little skinny jeans on a cold snowy day or as snow boots if we want to go sledding. Plus I could not pass up the price! All the snow clothes I bought for Krew are gender neutral and a size  big, I do this so that next year he can also use these items and so baby #2 can use them as whether the baby is a boy or girl. I got him the drum set because he loves to bang on things and make lots of noice. His favorite are my pots and pans, I almost bought him this set but most people I have talked to said their kids grew out of the pots and pans stage by about 2 so I thought the drum set would be something he could use a little bit longer. I am so excited for Christmas this year, the holiday season is just such a fun and happy time of year and I love all the time spent with family and friend celebrating. Even though I know Krew will probably be more interested in all the wrapping paper it is still so much fun to find him toys (even though he really doesn't NEED any) that he can open on Christmas morning. Believe it or not by December 1st I was done Christmas shopping. We are getting our tree today and now it is just time to enjoy and celebrate this time of year!
P.S. I decided that since I have slacked so bad at blogging lately I will be trying to do a blogmas, which basically means I will be blogging everyday or weekday in December! Stay tuned!! :)

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